Self Catering Ski Chalets

If you ask someone in the UK about their best ski vacation experiences there is a good chance that a catered ski chalet would feature prominently. Over 40% of all ski trips are in catered chalets. Ask a US skier and it is unlikely that they would have ever heard of a catered ski chalet. Americans have gotten used to the standard lodging choices of condos and hotels but ski chalets, let alone catered ski chalets, are not even on the radar!

So what’s it all about? Well, ski vacations are healthy, outdoor, fun, active and frequently exhausting holidays. Transplant yourself from the office to the Rocky Mountains and spend your day exercising at altitude and by the time the day is done you don’t have the energy left to do anything. Tramping back to your condo, with kids in tow with a decision of making dinner for the family or heading out for dinner where the kids will most likely fall asleep at the table is daunting.

Imagine the option to return to your chalet with an eager friendly staff preparing dinner for your family group, with a kids menu for young ones and a relaxing 3-course dinner party for your adult family and friends. You don’t have to dress up, you can even come to the dinner table in your robe if you like. The menus are healthy and occasionally indulgent, but best of all you don’t have to shop, cook and clean up. You are 100% on vacation!

The same can be said for the full-breakfast laid out in the morning. While you are searching for your child’s missing ski glove or boots your group is enjoying a home-cooked breakfast and getting the low-down on where to ski from the knowledgeable chalet staff.

With over 20 luxury homes to choose from Moving Mountains in Steamboat Springs, CO has nailed the concept down.

You can chose from full-service or economy catered options for your lodging property. It’s great value either way. Vacation home rentals are the fastest growing lodging option out there. With privacy, five star amenities and more square footage for your dollar it’s not hard to see why families finish their vacation vowing that there is no other way to do a ski trip. With a catered package on top you can have your cake and eat it!

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