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What Is the Best Period to Visit Tignes Chalet?

A Tignes chalet situates you in the middle of spectacular French mountain ranges all year round, however when is the greatest period to visit? Next we examine the best periods of the year to visit a Tignes chalet for walkers, skiiers, family members and more.

One of the greatest times to go to a Tignes chalet is during the first month of the year. You will see that the pistes are considerably less noisier than they were during the Christmas holiday (especially through the week), the skiing conditions are wonderful, the lines for lifts are a lot shorter and the Tignes chalet a little cheaper! It will also be colder, however, if you wear some extra clothes, you will enjoy fantastic skiing, without the chaotic vibe that rules in December.


This can be a busy month for each and every Tignes chalet. If you’d prefer the fuss of a thriving ski resort, then you should truly try the slopes in February. There’s generally an abundance of good snow around however, the busyness of the slopes may make the skiing a little more choppy and bumpy.


As outlined by many, springtime is the best period to enjoy the most of a Tignes chalet. The slopes are pretty much free and there is still a good amount of snow to enjoy the premier skiing accessible in this region. The spring sunlight illuminates the fascinating surroundings and generates a spectacular mountain getaway. Even during the years that don’t have too much snow, you may still go skiing on the glacier.

May – September

The summer season enables visitors to benefit from their Tignes chalet and the glorious surrounding area without much of the snow.

Walking vacations and peaceful summer time breaks are popular at this time of year, yet skiers will still find snow up surrounding the glacier in the morning. Tennis, volleyball, the astounding ‘water jump’, snowboarding, basketball and trampolines are very popular during the summer.


In case you want snow, October isn’t the ideal month to visit. There’s, of course, skiing up on the glacier, but on the slopes it can be a bit hit and miss. If you are lucky you’ll enjoy reasonable snow and low queuing times, with none of the stressful vibe of high season. If you are unfortunate you’ll have to stick to the glacier. Even so you’ll still have all of the outstanding facilities and spectacular views to take pleasure from.


The deep mid-winter is the best time to visit a Tignes chalet if you love the snow and the hype of a successful ski resort. Excellent snow is pretty much guaranteed, especially from the middle of November. The drawback? It’s hectic. This period is peak season, culminating with Christmas break, when you have to wait quite a long time for ski lifts and battle other travelers for your own part of mountainside. Nonetheless, if you take pleasure in all the extra bonus deals of a busy resort, an active vibe and a comfortable Tignes chalet to come home to, this is the best time.

Catered Ski Chalets

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